How can I tell the bug I found to the developer?

I’m Japanese,so I cannot understand well what I can do on this page.
I would be glad if someone tell me how I can tell the bug I found to the developer.

As for bug reports, you can create a new thread in this forum and write the details of the bug in English or your native language, and I’m sure the developer will read it. But before you do that, I think you MUST change your obscene username to one that is not offensive to others. If the forum settings do not allow you to change your username, please create a new account.

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Thank you for telling me what I should do in detail!! :kissing_closed_eyes: I’ll create a new thread!
I regret deciding my username thoughtlessly… :smiling_face_with_tear:
Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude.This is a trendy phrase in Japan which express cordial gratitude.

Delicious Yammy​:exclamation::sparkles::love_you_gesture::grin::+1::sparkles::zap:Thanks​:exclamation::raised_hands::sparkles:Thanks​:exclamation::raised_hands::sparkles:Wanna eat a lot again​:exclamation::bacon::cut_of_meat::poultry_leg::meat_on_bone::yum::fork_and_knife::sparkles:Delicio​:bangbang::pray::sparkles:cio​:bangbang::pray::sparkles: cio​:bangbang::pray::sparkles: cio​:bangbang::pray::sparkles:cio​:bangbang::pray::sparkles: cio​:bangbang::pray::sparkles: ciou​:bangbang::grin::pray::sparkles:Happy​:star2:smile​:exclamation::exclamation::boom::sparkles::point_right::grin::point_left::star:

※Japanese version
美味しいヤミー:exclamation::sparkles::love_you_gesture::grin::+1::sparkles::zap:感謝:exclamation::raised_hands::sparkles:感謝:exclamation::raised_hands::sparkles:またいっぱい食べたいな:exclamation::bacon::cut_of_meat::poultry_leg::meat_on_bone::yum::fork_and_knife::sparkles:デリシャッ:bangbang::pray::sparkles:シャ:bangbang::pray::sparkles: シャ:bangbang::pray::sparkles: シャ:bangbang::pray::sparkles: シャ:bangbang::pray::sparkles: シャ:bangbang::pray::sparkles: シャッッ:bangbang::grin::pray::sparkles:ハッピー:star2:スマイル:exclamation::exclamation::boom::sparkles::point_right::grin::point_left::star:

I found a bug and now I want you to fix it,but I’m sorry that I’m not good at English and you may not be able to understand me.(because I’m Japanese;;)

《about the bug》

Without my intention,font sometimes change to this.→

It sometimes occurs if we copy and paste,and always if we delete the beginning of a sentence and change a line.

I use iOS 15.7.






Should there be an image?

It’s a little hard to understand the problem from those screenshots. Would it be possible to attach a small screen recording that shows the issue occurring?

Nevermind, someone else has provided a video: [bug report] text format changes when deleting rows

I apologize for forgetting to send a video to you for a long time.
Thank you for your cooperation.And I thank the person who send a video to you instead of me.