How can I add python dependency to my python addon?

Who can share instructions or some insights on the proper way to do that? Maybe there’s a field in the manifest, or maybe I just need to pack the package and its dependencies in the addon folder. I’ve tried many ways but still get a ModuleNotFoundError at the import mymodule step every time.

That’s it. My post here might be useful:

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My simple addon with dynamically generated on the render step examples with ChatGPT here: github AleksandrFurmenkovOfficial/anki-ai-dynamic-cards

The repo with all deps looks crazy

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Cool add-on. Sentence generation using GPT is something I plan to add to my add-on InContext.

I don’t recommend committing the dependencies to Git, especially in the root folder like this.

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Yep, I just created a fully packed add-on .zip file in the release and recreated the repository without those awful dependencies