Haven't practiced in ages - 1700 reviews waiting

I haven’t practised French in Anki for about two years. I currently have about 1,700 reviews left to complete. Some of the cards are well advanced - I just reviewed one that said I would be seeing it again in 14 years!

Note: my competence has advanced with Anki, so a lot of what I am seeing feels too easy. There are still reviews in there that are useful though. I want to start practising new cards though and the reviews are standing in the way.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips for how to handle this.

Thanks in advance


The default order prioritizes cards that have been waiting longer, which works well when you are up to date, or when you only have a small backlog. If you have taken an extended break or have fallen behind in your reviews, you may want to consider changing the sort order temporarily. Sorting by ascending intervals will ensure cards with shorter delays are shown first, and by descending intervals will allow you to work through the easier material first.


That’s a good idea. I will give that a shot, thanks.

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