Getting message : not fully rendered on back of cards

Hi there,

on my phone and computer the back of all my new cards I created today are not showing up, so i checked anki web and im getting this message on the back of cards:

not fully rendered

Any help? Both are update, both are new devices.

You appear to have one card that has that text in the front and back fields, so deleting that card should make the message go away.

The cards you added recently appear to be using an “Intro Card” notetype that looks to be malformed. Please remove the <p> from the front template, and add {{Back}} to the back template so that the back field shows when the other side of the card is revealed.

They just look like this?
Its from a french deck

I see what you mean now. For anyone else having this problem, click on the Cards button and make sure back has {{Back}} on it. For some reason mine didn’t?

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