FSRS - max interval as a date

Hi. FSRS should have a max interval option of a date in time rather than just a number of days.

For people using FSRS for exams (a lot of people), changing the max interval manually every day for every deck since it’s a fixed number does not make as much sense as just being able to put a date of max intervlal

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This add-on may be useful.

Exam Notifier provides users with notifications that a card will appear after an upcoming exam date. This feature allows the user to determine how to answer the card (i.e. Again, Hard, Good, Easy) or determine if rescheduling the card is deemed necessary. For example, a user may struggle with a particular subject and despite their ability to answer the card correctly, that they would like to revist these cards on the days leading up to their exam.

yea I have that one. but rescheduling cards is very annoying when clicking through for hours and trying to go fast.

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That doesn’t really make sense, as it would mean all of your cards would end up due on the date you set. If you want that, you can just create a filtered deck on that day instead.


I see.

would it not be possible to put a range of dates (like 10-15 day range) as a max interval? that way, 10 days leading up to my exam, cards that would show up after would instead show up distributed randomly over those 10 days?

thanks I will look into making a filtered deck.

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