Fsrs , can I change my retention from 90 to 80 in a week span

Can I change the desired retention from 90 to 80 in a week and then again go back to 90 / 95 …is this recommended … will this not change the algorithm…?
Will this be futile?
I want to cover as much syllabus as quickly as possible. Is this a good idea?
Do let me know any other method to cover maximum portion.

You can change your desired retention at any time, of course. But I don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve. If you want to find a value that gives you the best bang for your buck, in terms of knowledge/workload ratio, you can use "Compute minimum recommended retention “experimental)”.

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I have seen the graph where it says if you increase the retention to more than 95% …you increase your reviews exponentially.
As I am running short of time for an exam 2 weeks from now so I decided atleast I will go through all the cards once.and then I can increase the retention and keep revising the topic.

I don’t know whether it is the right approach…so I enquired.

Ok, but why lower it first?
In your post, you said that you will do this: 90% → 80% → 95%. If you are preparing for an exam, then just increasing desired retention to 95% should be good. I don’t see why you would decrease it first, and then increase it to a higher value than before later.

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Because they probably want to introduce many new cards first. Decreasing the desired retention will allow them to introduce many cards without drastically increasing the workload.

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A better idea is to set review card sort order to relative overdueness which shows you cards with lower retrievability first and then along with it, set your review cards/day limit to a number you want to see daily. I say this because you don’t know how your workload will be affected by desired retention without experimentation. Plus, if you don’t use reschedule cards after change both the times, you might be seeing cards with the “wrong” retrievability as they scheduling of them won’t change. My opinion, better use limits. Much cleaner solution.

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Yes ,that is what I was trying to explain.

Thank you for the help.
My review sort order was set to Random. I’ll change it to relative overdueness.
Even I feel changing the retention again and again will make the algorithm clueless.

Nothing about changing the desired retention is going to confuse FSRS. The algorithm is designed to figure when you will have to review a card in order to expect 90% retention. After it does that, it sets the next due date before or after that based on your desired retention. You can adjust your desired retention whenever you want, and FSRS will handle it just fine.

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Thank you so much.!!!:heart::+1:t2: