Foundations of Software Testing ISTQB Certification, 4th ed

DISCLAMER: This deck is provided by a private user, who is reading up for the ISTQB Foundation Certificate. I have no association with neither the authors of the below mentioned book neither the certification providers. The question and answer represents my understanding of the curriculum.

This deck provides questions for each chapter in the book “Foundations of Software Testing ISTQB Certification, 4th edition”

  • Ch. 1 - Fundamentals of testing
  • Ch. 2 - Testing throughout the software development life cycle (not completed)
  • Ch. 3 - Static techniques (not completed)
  • Ch. 4 - Test techniques (not completed)
  • Ch. 5 - Test Management (not completed)
  • Ch. 6 - Tool support for testing (not completed)
  • Ch. 7 - ISTQB Foundation Exam (not completed)


  1. Start by learning about ISTQB Foundation Level Certification.
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  5. Keep moving up. Look at the Software Testing Career Path to see where you should take your career. Hint: Mobile and Agile are in-demand certifications that are relatively easy. You can take them right away.

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