Found the cause of my segmentation fault on Debian 12 ARM64 installed in PRoot/Termux

Background: I run Anki Desktop on an Android 11 device via Debian 12 installed in a PRoot installed in Termux. I access it via VNC. For a while I have been experiencing a segmentation fault when trying to open Anki on my full sized collection (small test collections were fine). I had been using a backup because any time I upgraded packages this problem would occur. I finally found the cause: a package named libpci3.

When this package is installed, seg fault. Without it everything runs fine (or at least, with noncritical errors :grin:). It’s not a required or suggested package by any of Anki’s depedencies, but rather a suggested package of some desktop environments. Thus, I think I can safely disable installing it using apt-mark hold libpci3

If I had to guess, something in Qt is detecting the installation of libpci3 and trying to access PCI which doesn’t exist. Termux’s proot-distro might be able to fake it like it does /proc/ but it’s probably just easier to have apt hold the package.

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Thanks for taking the time to post the solution!

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