Finding executable created by compiler

How do I access the executable created when running ./run?

It doesn’t create an executable, it just runs Anki from the interpreter (well, it compiles Rust executables etc, but that’s probably not what you’re looking for). The build tools can be found in the tools folder.

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How could I make the source code run (similiar to the anki app), without needing to recompile every single time?

It shouldn’t need to ‘recompile’ every time - how long is it taking to start up after the first time?

Sorry I meant, in the sense of how can I distribute it without sending the source code.

Ah, gotcha. From the docs:

Binary Bundles
Anki’s official binary packages are created with tools/bundle. The script was created specifically for the official builds, and is provided as-is; we are unfortunately not able to provide assistance with any issues you may run into when using it.

Runs fine for me, but FYI it doesn’t seem to support cross-compilation. The location of the binary is printed once it’s finished compiling.