Find a kanji and add a card for it

I would like to be able to add random kanji that I come across to a card deck.

A youtube vid showed someone adding a chinese kanji for nee how but I was not able to do the same in Japanese for taberu.

Anki Tutorial: Adding Cards, Note Types and Previewing in AnkiDroid - YouTube

So how can I first find my link/reference/index to a random kanji for say eat 食 and then stick it in a card in some deck.


The Yomichan browser extension along with the supporting AnkiConnect add-on is great for that

See FooSoft Productions - Yomichan for details.

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ありがとうございます it looks to be just what I wanted.

so having installed the Anki connect add on to Anki AND the yomichan extention to chrome I found that I could add cards but in my playing around I managed to break it.

It seems if you create an anki definition in settings for yomichan that is not correct you loose the ability to add the cards and the + button is greyed out, it doesn’t tell you why, in my case I had deleted a deck in anki but my definition in yomichan was still referencing the deck so I was trying to add a card to a deck that didn’t exist and yomichan just greys the + which is equivilent to saying “you can’t do that the anki reference does not exist”

But after much dicking about all fixed and I am creating lovely cards.