Failed to display characters when start

I use anki on my android phone’s chroot container, and of course I need to use ARM build to start. So I use pypi method to install anki.

In the debian 11 container with python3.9, everything works well. But on my arch linux with python3.11, it can’t display characters in the dashboard(should I call it like this? )

Anyway, it’s a problem caused by newer libraries. And if I change the python version to 3.9 by pyenv, the problem still exists. So I guess it may be caused by new dependency.

Is that really a problem which can’t be fixed on newer system? I know newer versions of python packages are not tested and fixed, but it’s really an actual need to use anki with new applications.

Please help me!

People on your distro’s forums might be more qualified to help you with issues related to Arch Qt packages.

I apologize for this anachronistic question. I have now given up using anki on arch linux. However, on Ubuntu 22.04, it has a new bug. No information is drawn in the window. Maybe you have a way to solve them.

terminal like this:

Some things to try:

Now I have more things to ask. I tested the Debian Sid with Python 3.11. And the problem just like Arch.

Presumably any QtWebEngine-using app would display like that - you could confirm by trying something like qutebrowser. If that’s the case, I’m afraid this is an issue with your distro’s Qt libraries, and not something I have the knowledge to help you with.

Unfortunately, it works. Or maybe it has something wrong. But it at least displayed words. Is there any further instructions?

Interesting. You could try changing ‘family’ in to a different font to see if that makes any difference.

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