Error rendering latex \limits

Hey all!

I’m facing an error in Anki while rendering some cards containing a specific latex command.
Here is the code I want to render:

\bigcup\limits_{X \in \mathscr{P}(\mathbb{N})} X = \, \mathbb{N}

Here is the desired result:

Here is the Anki error:

I noticed that if I remove the \limits_{X \in \mathscr{P}(\mathbb{N})} part the code does render correctly, but how can I include the \limits part and still be able to render it?

I’m not that familiar with latex so I’ve no idea what’s going on…

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

Please, does someone know how to fix it?

This is apparently caused by \mathscr being undefined.
You may have to install the unicode-math package and include it in your latex header (accessible from Options in the Note Types screen).



Thank you so much!

I’ll read those links and try to fix it.