Error message in Windows links to iOS (tenderapp) support site

AnkiDesktop 2.1.65 Qt 6
Windows 11

I clicked “More information” on this error and it surprised me by opening the iOS support site No cloze found on card / Problems / Knowledge Base - AnkiMobile (iPhone/iPad) Support [or possibly the former site?] instead of the main FAQ No cloze found on card - Frequently Asked Questions (or another page in the main manual).

Is this expected behavior? [Yes, I’m using an “old” version, but I didn’t see anything in GitHub suggesting that this has been updated in 23.x.]

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that page :sweat_smile: – the information is the same. What was most disconcerting is that I’d never seen the page before, and it very clearly told me it was intended for AnkiMobile users, not me.


[I checked on AnkiDroid 2.16.5 by removing c1 from a cloze, and the same tenderapp link is used.]

Nobody’s gotten around to updating the links yet :slight_smile:

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