Erro na ferramenta omissão de palavras

Quando utilizo a ferramenta
omissão de palavras, aparece na tela o cartão com a palavra omitida e ao
mesmo tempo a resposta na mesma tela.

I’m sorry that I can’t respond to you in Portuguese. Even after running your post through a translator, I’m not 100% sure what you’re reporting. It seems like it has to do with cloze deletion cards – but there are a few things that it could be. Do you have a screenshot you can share that might help explain it?


Olá! Sim, com essa tela acredito que poderá entender meu problema!

Olá! essa é a minha tela com erro, veja que a resposta do meu cartão aparece junto à pergunta.

You need to share your “Template”/HTML code for the “Note Type” you’re using. The problem probably lies there.


Yes, the problem is probably on your template. It looks like your front template probably says something like –


The 1st line shows your your field correctly as a cloze deletion. But then the 2nd line {{Text}} is just reprinting everything in your field – so remove that.

From the study screen you are on, you can get to your templates fastest by clicking Edit/Editar in the lower left, and then “Cards…”

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