Enlarge the format of the input field

Hellooo, ich würde gern das Eingabefeld meiner Karteikarten beim Abfragen vergrößern - bei mir ist es nur einzeilig was insbesondere bei mehrzeiligen Antworten unpraktisch ist. Gibt es da irgendeine Möglichkeit?

Hello, I’d like to enlarge the format of the input field for answering questions - in my case it’s only single-lined, which is impractical especially with multi-lined answers. Is there anything I can do? Does anybody have experiences with that?

Vielen Dank, thanks a lot!

There have been add-ons for multi-line type-answer boxes – I don’t know if any of them are current.

But if your answer is multi-line – is it really well-suited for a character-by-character type-answer comparison? Perhaps a simple type-in field that lets you lock in your answer, and persists to the back of the card for you to compare it yourself, would be better for your purposes?

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