Encapsulate the card styles from the main site code

Hello. I just started learning Anki and am still in the process, so be patient.

I ran into a problem that the layout in the online version is broken. After searching the forum and github, I did not find any topic with a similar case.

After doing some research, I discovered that not all decks break the web version’s layout. It turned out that my deck inserts CSS through the style tag, and their global styles are overridden for a lot of things.

We should use style encapsulation using web components. I am still new to this technology and am in the process of learning it. Or use the good old iframe? What are your ideas?

P.S: I also have a question: where can I find the source code for AnkiWeb?


Sorry, AnkiWeb is not open source. An iframe or shadow root may be used in the future; for now I suggest you scope such global styling under .card, which should work across the clients.

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