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I am having trouble playing embedded videos in the desktop anki. They play on the phone version and on the web browser. My understanding is that it is related to possible javascript code in the embedded links. I was wondering if there is an addon or something that can help with this issue.

I think it should be possible on the desktop since it works on the phone. I don’t know much about coding, but I am confused why it works on one but not the other.

Already been warned for duplicating topics

As for the add-on, there isn’t for one that fixes it, but searched for “video” in the add-on page and found the following

Open linked pdf, docx, epub, audio/video, etc. in external Program (win, linux)

Consider downloading the video from vimeo for offline use in the format: .mp4

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Yeah, I apologize for starting this topic up again. I wasn’t able to get a solution to my problem last time so I was hoping that someone would know now.

I did think the answer I got before was odd though. Basically, I was told don’t use the embed feature. If we aren’t supposed to use it, why does it exist? Anyways, I’ll continue to play around with it. Worst case scenario I can only review my cards on my phone or on the browser. But the browser version is painful to use and doesn’t let me use my addons. I’ll see what I can do but hopefully someone more tech savy eventually takes an interest to this problem.

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