Don't Normalize CJK Characters

I think the behavior of automatically normalizing CJK hanzi/kanji/etc characters is unexpected and if possible, it would be good to exclude them from being normalized while other European characters and such can keep the current behavior. Though keep in mind that Japanese kana has similar behavior that normalizing would help, here’s a screenshot from a while ago when I ran into this issue (with the で).

Alternatively, if this is not feasible, I think making this a toggleable per-deck setting would make this behavior much more predictable.

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If you make cards with these they seem to turn into the same character 縉む and get counted as duplicates.

Found this thread though I’m not sure where that documentation is located.

Why is this on by default in the first place? I feel like it should be disabled.

Also, if I make and share a deck containing such characters, will other people have to turn on that setting as well to use the deck?

Unicode normalization is covered in the manual – Adding/Editing - Anki Manual

I’m sure that’s because it affects a lot more than CJK characters.

To simply study the deck? Maybe not. To search or edit the deck? Yes.


Thanks for pointing me to that. Would it be feasible to have this disabled for CJK characters while still normalizing other characters? Or if not, I’d like to request this as a per-deck setting (should that go in GitHub issues?)

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It looks possible.

Feature requests are submitted here on this forum. You can make a new post in the Suggestions category.

Or instead of making a new post – you can move this post to Suggestions and update the title.

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I am not aware of a way that text can be normalized while preserving the kanji variants. If you need the original forms, you’ll need to disable normalization.

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