Display error on just one card

I have one card that’s not displaying what the code say and 30 cards that are. I’ve restarted Anki and checked the database. It might be a bidirectional text issue, but the other 30 cards tell me there’s nothing wrong with the code.
Here’s a correct card:

And here’s the one that’s broken:

The fonts are in reverse order (even though the code is the same), and the rightmost letter is either the wrong letter or a mirror image of the right one. Is there a way to force Anki to re-render the cards?

Check the HTML content of that note (Use Ctrl+Shift+X to open the HTML editor when in the note editor).
This could be caused by invisible characters that affect text directionality.
Maybe paste the content in this online tool and see what you get: View non-printable unicode characters


That information was very helpful. Thanks. :grinning: Unfortunately, the problem persists.
That letter did have a different Unicode character. I replaced it with html and checked to make sure the Unicode was gone. (I did that to another card, too, and that worked fine.) So now it’s

but the card hasn’t changed.