Custom editor keymap [add-on]

Support thread for Custom editor keymap add-on.

I did not find the functionality to configure keymappings in Anki itself or in any addons so I made this. If the functionality exists elsewhere let me know.

Henrik’s addon does pretty much the same thing: Custom Styles (font color, background colour, classes) - AnkiWeb. Add an entry of the “Text Wrapper” type, and leave the “After” field empty. And it’ll insert the html added to the “before” field upon pressing the set shortcut.

Another addon that does the same thing, but less polished than Henrik’s, is Wrapper meta-addon - AnkiWeb.

The Customize Keyboard Shortcuts - AnkiWeb addon also lets you insert a piece of html upon pressing a shortcut, but afaik only you cannot add multiple entries.

Ok, thanks, I updated the description informing of the above.