Creating flashing lights

I’d like to create flashing lights of different duration, with specific pause lengths between them. Is this possible by coding directly in a note, or will I have to create a separate .mov (or similar) file and import it into the note.
[Background: I’m studying marine navigation, and certain buoys have specific sequences of flashing lights (in either red, yellow, green, or white, so I need to change the colour as well). These are normally conveyed statically (a series of white dots followed by a space) and something like: VF3 5s (3 very quick flashes every five seconds), but I want a realistic visual of what I will see from the deck.] Thanks.

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For want of a more informed answer: Yes, it’s possible with CSS. See animation - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN, and e.g. CSS Animations for a more practical introduction.


If you do end up creating media files, I would have thought the easiest way to approach this would be to create them as GIFs using something like this tool. Note that you can control the speed when you create GIF. Then you’d just have to create the individual images and order them for each card.

If you want to do it programatically there’s probably Python packages or other tools to create GIFs, or a script that renames the files in order based on an input sequence wouldn’t be super difficult and then you can create the GIFs in bulk.

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