Crashes with 2.1.52 / 2.1.53rc

I’ve got a segmentation fault thrice on this beta, macOS qt6. I’m not able to consistently reproduce the error, but it happened while I was manipulating and copy pasting the images in editor.

That’s infinitely more seg fault crashes than I got on previous versions. It’s probably a qt bug though.

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Exactly. I also got a couple of random crashes on Windows.

Did you use 2.1.52 for long before that? The Qt 6.3.0 change in 2.1.52 seems more likely to have caused such problems than any changes made in the beta. If the crashes don’t occur in 2.1.52, can you reproduce them on latest main when running with tools/runopt? If so, would you be able to bisect the changes to figure out where the problem was introduced?

Issue’s fixed in main already.

There´s something wrong with 2.1.52 and 2.1.53. Anki crashes without no reason and then it´s imposible to start Anki without restart the mac. I´m using latest beta qt6. This is not happening with 2.1.50.

I skipped 2.1.51 and 52, so it’s possible the problem started on 52.

This issue is tracked on closing webview windows causes crashes on some machines · Issue #1879 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Are any of you able to regularly reproduce the issue using the steps mentioned there, or some other steps?

I am having the same issue (random crashes) with 2.1.52. I’m on main release qt6 for apple silicon. For me it is getting bothersome, but does not require restart. If I force quit from activity monitor I can reload Anki and at least it usually has saved up until the very last thing I did (so no functional impairments)

I´m using a M1 macmini. When Anki crashes with 2.1.52 an 53 it does not show in the activity monitor :frowning:

I don’t know if that is a related bug, but I have a long-standing similar issue, that I reported here. As I explained on that thread, I cannot simply download binaries and run them (even if they are mostly self-contained), so I can only try the latest packaged version of Anki. Thankfully, my distribution is keeping up the pace, so the latest version packaged is current 2.1.52 (and basically all it does is fetch the binaries and setup them in a way that they can be ran).

My issue, however, is much more sever than just crashing: Anki sometimes crash, but sometimes literally kills my GPU. I can still connect to my computer via ssh, but the display will just freeze until hard reboot.

I think my issue is different. I’m not closing a webview window when this error happens, just editing/focusing in an edit window. Also, unlike this crash, I can reliably trigger the crash using the method in the linked issue, and when I do the error log I get is different.

Please let us know how the crashes go in rc2: Changes in 2.1.53 - Anki Betas

@dae crashes still appear on Manjaro KDE with the rc2 (2.1.53)

Your issue appears to be different to the majority of other people posting here, so I recommend we keep that one to the thread you created.

2.1.53 has now been released as stable, and it includes a fix that seems to address the main cause of crashes people were experiencing. If you’re still experiencing crashes after updating, please let us know on a new thread.