Control a group of accounts


I’am a teacher of young puples.

I’am used to use web tools to help them to practice.

When it is a web site, I manage to create a tool to automise creation, add exercices, check if de work is done, watch the score, etc… by sending the HTTP right commands to each account.

I would like to use anki so that my 60 puples can practise english.
I would like to create a tool that could add cards, create personalised sessions (for example de revise lesson 1 before an exam), see the scores of each puples, etc… automaticaly and simultaneously to the 60 accounts (by connecting automaticaly to each account one by one and do the changes automaticaly)
In that purpose, is there a documentation of the protocols used by ankidesktop ?

Thanks for them


I’m afraid Anki was designed for use with individual users, and currently lacks any sort of features to administer multiple profiles/accounts at once. If you are quite technically inclined you may be able to achieve it using AnkiConnect or your own custom add-on, but it’s unlikely to be easy I’m afraid.


Thanks for your answer.

And congratulation for this wonderfull tool.

I know perfectly that Anki is designed to work with individual users.
In fact each of my puple will use it exactly as it is designed for.

The only thing is that they are too young to enter the cards, and I need to know how their work.

The aim is to create an app witch would work like a bot to manage a group of accounts to create them add the cards and look the statistics.

I’ve already done that with several websites.

So I know how to do with all the commands possible with ankiweb.
But some commands (statistics, create a Custom study section, …) can only be done via ankidesktop.

I’ve looked to the source on the git. I see that I’m supposed to open the app with Visual studio and the code is python. I know how to do that. But if their was a documentation to help me to understand how it works, it would be very helpfull.

Thank you very much.


I’m afraid I need to temper your expectations a bit:

  • You talk of accounts, but please note that AnkiWeb does not support API access, so any solution you build would need to work with locally-running instances of Anki - you would not be able to push or pull content directly to/from AnkiWeb.
  • Documentation is fairly limited, so you’d likely need to dig into the source code to figure out how things work: Support - Writing Anki Add-ons


Thank you for the documentation … and for the warnings.

I’ll tell you what will be the result.

Best regards.


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