Constraints regarding posting links in

I just tried to create a post that included a link as it follows:

I used this image https(colon)(slash)(slash)

When I tried to create the post by clicking on “Create Topic”, I got the following error:

An error occurred: Sorry, you can't include links in your posts.

I noticed that I don’t get any warning when posting a link to Github. For example: this repository.

I suspect that this site define some rules internally to control posting links to other websites to avoid spam.

I have some questions:

  • Does this site define an allowlist of websites to which users can create links to?
  • Does this site only allow users with an accumulated reputation or with an existing time to post links?

I am asking these questions because I am a regular Anki user and I plan to post many topics on this website in the future and I want to avoid those errors in the future.

Brand new users are limited in what they can post – however certain domains are whitelisted.

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Links to and the manual/ is fine.

There’s a system in Discourse that determines this. I can’t get the link rn sorry.

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Looks like you added more questions after I responded earlier!

Yes, you can find more information about the Discourse Trust levels on their blog, and in the interactive-bot training that you should have been offered when you created an account here.

Don’t let those trust levels hinder you from posting though!

You already figured out the best work-around for links in your other post – using a code block, which makes it easy for a reader to copy the url and see what you wanted to show them.

Changing the url in more complicated ways isn’t really necessary, and it makes the url harder to use.

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