Color Font Issue

A few month ago, the card stilig uses de HTLM code for color, like “font color=”#5555ff"", but after some developments it changes to span style color mode, like "span style=“color: rgb(0, 85, 255);”.

There is no problem with the color neither at AknkiDesk or AnkiDroid, at least. But when before the developments using “font color=”#5555ff"" at night mode on desk or an Android devices it changes automatically de color to a better for a better view, but the “span style=“color: rgb(0, 85, 255);”” fix the color as it is in daylight mode, and made it quite unconformtable to read.

I will show it
This is de day mode:

This is the night mode with HTML font color:

And this is the night mode with span style font color:

I keep changing manually from span to HTML code, but it keeps changuing automatically as I use the editing color system. Is there any way to only use the HTML color typing???

I’m not sure if you can change the default behavior of anki inserting span elements to style your text, when using the color highlighting options.

As a workaround you might try to change the styling section of the note-type to something like this:

.night_mode span {
    color: #aaa609 !important;
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