Cloze Deletion Immediately after \begin{aligned} Disappears

When a MathJax equation contains an aligned environment, if the first non-whitespace within the environment is a cloze deletion, then the deletion is not shown correctly. In the following example, the MathJax preview should show “[0]” on the first line, before the comma.


This isn’t a problem only with the MathJax preview. The card does not show “[…]” on the first line either.

Here is the code for the example note:

\[\left\{\begin{aligned} {{c1::0}}, \\ {{c1::1}}, \end{aligned}\right.\]

@pwintz please feel free to report these bugs directly on the issue tracker if you’re confident they’re a bug

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Added here: Cloze Deletion Immediately after \begin{aligned} in Equation Not Shown on Card · Issue #2113 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Pretty sure Damien meant Various issues with MathJax editor · Issue #2106 · ankitects/anki · GitHub.

It’s a bit easier when the MathJax issues are tracked im one place.

That post has bugs related to the MathJax editor (and is specific to the latest beta release). The bug described in this post is not editor-specific.

My opinion is that more granularity is useful for tracking the progress of bugs so that individual bugs can be closed separately. Issue labels are useful for grouping related issues if that’s important. The downside to creating a separate GitHub issue for each bug is that it takes extra time to create all of them, but so long as I’m doing that instead of the developers, then it should make their work easier. @dae, let me know if you disagree.

When multiple issues have the same base cause, it can be useful to combine them, but in cases like this, separate tickets are more helpful, as then a PR/commit can close one without inadvertently closing them all, and it becomes easier to track the work that remains.