Cloze cards order appearing problem

I would be so glad, if anyone could help. It is regarding cloze cards. I create cards from an online book, so mainly cloze cards with also many image occlusion cards in between.
I would like to review them in the order I created them. Usually with only image occlusion cards it works.

But not with the cloze cards:
For example, in anatomy: It starts with note 1/c17, then it jumps to note 2/c4, then note 3/c15… and then after going through all notes it continues with note 1/c4, note 2/c9… → completely random.

That’s really bad, because you need the complete content of note 1 (c1, c2, c3…) first and then complete note 2 (c1, c2, c3…) and so on.

How can I review the cards in the order I created them? (I chose this option where you can selected between “in order of created” or “random”)
Does anyone also has the problem? I saw some similar content, but there was not really a solution for it.

All the best,

You can control the new card display order with the v3 scheduler. The cards will not appear in the same order when subsequently reviewed however, so they should still be formulated in a way that they can be answered with context.

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