Cannot import Collection

Hi, I’m trying to make a code which automatically adds 2 cards, both using the same inputs for front and back, but one with the answer at front. Given is for trying to learn chinese, I need that one card shows me the pinyin and translation at the front, while the pictogram is in the answer and viceversa. The code should add a tag, “Pinyin” or “Pictograma”, according to which thing is being asked in the front card.
Thing is, I tried to do the coding by using chatGPT and the little bit I know from python (version 3.10.6) and I have this code:

import sys

from anki import Collection

# Input the values for Pinyin and Pictograma
pinyin = input("Enter the Pinyin: ")
pictograma = input("Enter the Pictograma: ")

col = Collection(r"collection.anki2directory")

# Create Pinyin card
model = col.models.byName("Pinyin")
note = col.newNote(model)
note["Pinyin"] = pinyin
note["Pictograma"] = pictograma

# Create Pictograma card
model = col.models.byName("Pictograma")
note = col.newNote(model)
note["Pinyin"] = pinyin
note["Pictograma"] = pictograma

But when I run it, the following error appears:

ImportError: cannot import name 'Collection' from 'anki' (unknown location)

By changing Collection to collection in the import command, this error dissapears, but another one pops up:

col = collection(r"collection.anki2directory")
TypeError: 'module' object is not callable

The directory of the collection.anki2 file is fine, I just modified for obvious reasons.

Any help on fixing the code or getting an alternative solutions is really aprecciated.

Nvm, It can be done by making a new note type by cloning the inverse card option and using the deck override along with subdecks.