Cannot find the directory bazel-bin in ANKI source code

Hello there,
I have started reading ANKI desktop source code to participate in the open-source project. Now I found a class called anki.scheduler_pb2 imported into different python modules, but when I looked up the scheduler_pb2 file, in the path anki/pylib/anki/scheduler_pb2.pyi, I found the following content pointing to a directory called bazel-bin:
Now, I am not able to find that directory and I want to read the content of that class, what should I do?

And thanks in advance
Omar G. Goda

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bazel-bin is only created during the build process, that’s why there is the symlink scheduler_pb2.pyi. is auto-generated from proto\anki\scheduler.proto, which you should have a look at if you want to inspect the imported classes.


The protobuf is not public API. If your goal is to find functions you can call, please see pylib/anki/scheduler/*. If your goal is to see how Anki implements things, please see the scheduler code in rslib.

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