Can anki add sticky tags function?

Can anki add sticky tags function? Just like the sticky field function.

In the latest anki(2.1.46),I found that anki can sometimes save the tags in the add card window,but sometimes it can’t , in the mean time the tags in the tags area always can be displayed successfully.

I have a hard time understanding you.

Do you mean something like this add-on: TagSelectorV2 - AnkiWeb?

Sorry, my English is very poor. Yes, I just want something like this.
However, that addon has broken in this update.

I can’t make any promises, but currently a new Tag Editor is in the works. I also always thought that a “sticky” tags function would make a lot of sense for the AddCards dialog, and I’ll certainly look into it.

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Thank you! I am looking forward to it very much

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So… the tag editor is in. How about the sticky bit?

This may come in the next major update.