Building with ccache

Edit actions like altering field contents or card flags are not counted as most recent action in the browser, leading to an arbitrary number of edits lost if one naively hits undo for them while another prior action (such as note deletion) was counted.

e: About the ccache thing from the other thread: Problem is, ccache is commonly system-wide prepended as env var. Maybe it would be good to add a export CCACHE_DISABLE=1 in the buildscripts, so others won’t report the same issue.

I presume the former issue is not something newly introduced in 2.1.36. It’s something that should be fixed, but will need to wait until a new undo system can be introduced.

Are you saying running ‘export CCACHE_DISABLE=1’ prior to running ./run was enough to fix things for you, and it works correctly when building the redistributable wheels?

Uhh, yeah. Actually I think I may have already reported the undo issue elsewhere like a year ago.

As for ccache… it should (man page for the variable: “bypass[es] the cache completely”) work but no, now that I actually tried it does not work. Nor does running bazel build with --sandbox_writable_path=$CCACHE_DIR. I guess it’s back to export CC & CXX.

Shouldn’t write comments immediately before going to bed, sorry.

Thanks for confirming, I’ve added a note in docs/