Best way to compare backup to current collection

Hi all, I created a new profile and imported an automatic backup from about a month ago because I deleted a bunch of notes that I decided I didn’t need to study anymore, but now I want to get them back and archive them instead. I’m wondering what the best way might be to compare the two collections? They have more or less the same deck structure and most of the cards I deleted that I want to get back have a specific tag that I used. But I also want to compare each deck side by side for the two collections. I don’t want to keep switching profiles if I can help it? Offhand, the only thing I can think of would be one of two possibilities:

  1. Take the backed up collection and put all the notes into a new deck that I export and import into the current collection. This will kind of double my current collection, but it should let me compare each deck from both collections.

  2. Export both collections as TSV, import them into Excel/Sheets and go from there.

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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A separate profile exporting into CSV file may be your best bet - there are no diffing tools built into Anki, and you can’t duplicate cards by importing an apkg, as Anki will know they’re the same.


Sounds good; thanks! I forgot about the duplicating cards ability. I’ve been slowly looking into how to write Anki plug-ins, so maybe I can create a diffing tool.