Assets Manager plugin usage

Very interesting discussion re the css/html question below. And I am super happy to discover the Asset Manager plugin.

Just wondering if you can give me a suggestion/clarification to get me kickstarted with this. I have already entered a bunch of snippets. But I do want to determine the best strategy to stitch them all together. Just to simplifiy a bit… Say I have 4 snippets, (A, B, C D) and 4 cards. I want to (at least initially) acheive:

        card1 card2 card3 card4
Front:    A     B     C     D
Back:     B     A     A     A
          C           B     B
          D           D     C

I also have optional notes, examples and hints! But thats included in the snippets already.
Am I right in thinking that I could do this two ways? 1) Have a FrontSide and Backside main card including redundant snippets with (and my brain already hurts) conditions in the snippets to display (D for example) only on Card4 Front and Card1,Card3 Back. Or 2) Maintain Front-1, Front-2, Front-3, Front-4 etc. with corresponding Back. And then include the snippets in each one.

What would be the way to proceed?

@hengiesel and @kleinerpirat

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