AnkiWeb Deck Share is Frozen

My AnkiWeb is frozen on the page that says:
Please wait while your request completes. This page will automatically refresh every 5 seconds.

I was trying to share a deck I made for my classmates (I make & share decks daily) but it froze on the page. I’ve tried refreshing, logging out/in, different browser, force sync from ankidesktop, but anywhere I click on the ankiweb page just directs me to the processing page.
My anki dekstop and ankimobile apps won’t sync because it says a sync is in progress. Would be grateful for any troubleshooting you may have to offer!

Fixed, please let me know if it happens again.

Hi Dae, thank you. It happened again when I tried to share the deck. Can you please fix it again? I’ll refrain from trying to share a deck again, but I’d like to know why i’m not able to share my decks anymore.

I think I’ve managed to fix the root cause of this now, and your deck should be shared now. Please let me know if you run into any further issues.