AnkiMobile TypeAnswer Won't "Enter" to Input the Answer

Right now, I’m using WK3 with AnkiMobile on my iPad, while using such as magic keyboard or any other physical keyboard, I’m facing with the bug that when switching input method between Japanese and English, the Enter keyboard doesn’t want to record Enter to reveal the answer.

Does anyone facing this problem too? And can you help me solve this? Thank you!

I can reproduce this problem, and I think it’s an iOS bug. iOS 17 is due out in a couple of weeks, so I’d suggest we wait to see if that addresses the problem. If the issue still exists after updating, please let me know and I’ll see if I can figure out some way to work around the behavior.

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I’ve updated to iPadOS 17 Beta 6 yesterday, and it seems like the bug is still there. And also the type answer in the AnkiMobile after I’ve typed the answer field, the text is aligned in left, not centered.

Thanks for letting me know; I’ve added it to the todo list to look into.

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Sorry this took quite a while. I’ve found a workaround; please let me know if you’d like to try it.

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I’m sorry for late reply as well, could you please send me a beta invitation code please.

thank you!

The change I mentioned is included in the 23.12.1 release, so you don’t need to be a beta tester to access it - you can just grab the latest update from the app store page.

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