Anki2 database questions

I was trying to understand the new database structure of .anki2. The official manual doesn’t say anything about it. It seems it’s more documented in the Github wiki of DroidWiki but still lacking.

As I understand from the file structure provided, the biggest difference is that .anki2 database separates media files from the actual database. This and perhaps some changes in the database schema.

Side point

I expected the two projects (Anki and AnkiDroid) to be more collaborative on the future development, and more transparent about the roadmap. But when I look at AnkiDroid planned changes on its wiki, it seems to me that AnkiDroid team is reverse-engineering what Anki team is doing, especially with the “Theories” section.

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Do you have specific questions about the database structure?

While there are no official docs about the database structure, Anki is open source so pretty much everything can be understood from the source code if one is willing to dive into it.

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AnkiDroid wiki gives a good overview about the structure. My question is about the new additions made by Anki2 and that are planned to be made.

  1. What’s new in Anki2 that wasn’t in older database versions?
  2. What’s the current status of AnkiDroid in supporting Anki2? Does it implement all of its features? (i.e: is some info lost/overridden when viewing Anki2 database in AnkiDroid?)
  3. Documentation on the planned features and schema_upgrade.

Documenting the format is not a priority, as the file format was not intended for reading/writing by third-party programs, so you’ll need to read the source if you’re curious. Most of the business logic in Anki has been moved to Rust, and the AnkiDroid betas use the Rust layer and have an option to enable newer functionality like the v3 scheduler.

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