Anki on Mac sound stops working

I’ve been using Anki successfully on my macBook for a couple of years, but in the past few months, after working okay for a while, the sound goes. It’s then necessary to close then re-open the app, after which it works fine again. Any ideas?

Once it happens again, open the Debug Console with Command+Shift+; , copy-paste the following lines and press Command+Return .

from aqt.sound import av_player

The output should be None.

Debug Console -

If it’s not None, give the latest beta a try (anki-2.1.28beta1) since it works a bit differently -

If it’s None, it might take some time and a few more actions to figure out why there’s no sound.

Alternatively, maybe install the alternate Anki build. It ships with mplayer instead of mpv, but might have some issues with shortcuts -


I got the following response from the console:

from aqt.sound import av_player

… print(av_player.current_player)

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “aqt/”, line 1259, in onDebugRet

File “”, line 1, in

ImportError: cannot import name ‘av_player’

I tried the beta version, but that has no sound at all. And now I can’t go back to the standard version as it says ‘this profile requires a newer version…’. When I try downgrading as suggested, it tells me ‘the following profiles can’t be downgraded’. If I try reverting to an earlier backup, I get the message ‘automatic syncing and backups have been disabled’. I’ve tried restarting Anki as suggested, but same messages pop up. So now I’m in a much worse situation…

Please install the latest beta version again, but this time alternate version. You should be able to open your profile with it too and downgrade it later. But at first please confirm if the audio works or not. Thank you.

вт, 14 июл. 2020 г. в 10:38, Jon via Anki Forums <>:

If you create a new Anki profile and then use File - Import to replace the empty collection with the backup from the main Anki profile, for example, from yesterday, it should work too, but I don’t think it’s necessary and it should be possible to downgrade it by installing the latest beta version.

When I try downgrading as suggested, it tells me ‘the following profiles can’t be downgraded’.

If you still get this message, try to restart Anki and then downgrade it from the Profiles screen, i.e. without opening your Anki profile.

If you’re still getting this error, please open the Terminal app, copy-paste the following line to run Anki and try to downgrade it again. If it can’t be downgraded, the Terminal window will contain the error message. Maybe it’ll give some idea.


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That worked thanks. I’ll see whether I still have audio problems with the beta version