Anki can’t create its own data folder

I am trying to install anki, but I keep getting the error “anki could not create its data folder”. I’ve endured the location isn’t in read only but it still won’t work. Does anyone know how to solve this?

I asked chatGPT to give you some hints on fixing the permissions:

Step 1. Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box.

Step 2. In the dialog box that appears, type in explorer and press enter. This will open up the File Explorer.

Step 3. In the File Explorer, copy and paste this location into the address bar at the top:


And press Enter. This should take you to the Roaming folder within the AppData directory.

Step 4. Within this folder, look for the Anki2 folder. If it doesn’t exist, that’s okay. Right-click in the empty space inside the Roaming folder and select New → Folder to create a new folder and name it Anki2.

Step 5. Right-click on the Anki2 folder and select Properties.

Step 6. In the Properties dialog box that appears, switch to the Security tab at the top.

Step 7. Click on the Edit button to change permissions.

Step 8. In the new dialog box that appears, you should see a list of user names and their corresponding permissions. Select the user name that’s having trouble (which is usually either the username of the person trying to run the program or “Users”) and check the box under the column labeled Full Control in the Allow row.

Step 9. Click Apply, then click OK. You’ll have to click OK again to close the Properties dialog box.

That should give the program (and the user trying to run it) the permissions it needs to create files within the Anki2 folder.

If the problem persists, consider right-clicking on the Anki icon and trying to run as an admin.

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