Anki 2.1.43 Beta

Hi all,

A new beta is now available. It is a minor update, and the plan is to release this as stable in about a week if no issues are discovered. For more info, please see


Please make Congratulations! on hover so that it doesn’t cover so much space. Reference

Are sticky fields supposed to work with this version? I can find neither pin icons nor a setting within “Fields” that would enable them.

The PR was merged 18 days ago so I thought it would be available in this beta.

Edit: Nevermind, I just found the release notes on the beta website. :+1: Still curious about why it wasn’t added to that beta yet :slight_smile:

There are a whole bunch of exciting new features on the main branch, but since they are quite novel they need time to be tested before they can be released as stable. So I assume Damien wanted to publish these nondisruptive fixes before an extended beta phase with the new features begins.


How do you adjust the start date of the calendar? I can’t see any button which does that… I think you can do that by pressing on the letters on the side, but it took a while to figure that out :innocent:

Also, in filtered decks, if you press E and R (for empty and rebuild) quickly, then Anki UI will disappear :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:

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Yeah, it’s a bit hard to find. I think the intent was to make it non-invasive since it’s not a feature that’s requested or changed that much, but maybe an explanatory message shown when hovering the week day labels will be nice.


I found that in the current version, the addons “ Speed Focus Mode” doesn’t work.

thanks for the response

what about this ? is it just my computer???

Yes, I can reproduce it, not sure what causes it though, and I think it’s a minor issue as pressing E and R one after the other multiple times and quickly is unusual :slight_smile:

2.1.43 has been released as stable - if you run into any issues with it, please let us know on a new post.

I believe spamming E/R is triggering a race condition with the page load. Future architectural changes will likely indirectly solve this, so the advice for now is “don’t do that” :slight_smile: