Anki 2.1.34/35 Beta

It’s not supposed to be blank - can you reproduce it with add-ons disabled?

You are right. Sorry for posting too fast. I had disabled all add-ons that I thought could modify that screen, but now I tested with all add-ons disabled, and I get the “Congratulations, …”.

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Beta 2 is now available. It rolls back a bunch of the changes in beta 1 and is expected to be released as stable in a few days, so it would be great if people could give it a test.

Am I being stupid or has “Undo review” been changed from ⌘Z to ⌥⌘Z in the beta on macOS? If so, why?

EDIT: Could have to do with the fact that I accidentally used the alternate build, it’s at Cmd + Z again.

Ok, beta 2 has now been released as 2.1.34 stable, without further changes. Since beta 1 is largely a superset of the changes, I’ve removed beta 2 from the downloads, and we’re back to 2.1.34 beta 1 again as the ‘latest’ code. It does not include the default ease fix that is in the stable release - that will be in the next beta.

p4nix: the alternate build uses an alternate shortcut, due to issues with the toolkit.

Somewhere over the past week or so Anki started inserting color: var(--text-fg); into fields when I edit them, adding a new span element if it has to. For instance, a field with

<div class="ayy">lmao</div><div class="ayy">lmao</div>

turns into

<div class="ayy">lmao<span style="color: var(--text-fg);">lmao</span></div>

if I delete the linebreak the card browser shows for between the divs.

Python 3.8.5 Qt 5.15.1 PyQt 5.15.1, night mode. Tried with addons disabled, same behavior.

I can’t seem to trigger this by typing some text in in night mode - is it some specific editing operation you’re performing?

No, it’s literally just hitting backspace or delete.

Have you ruled out add-ons? What OS are you using?

Yes, I have. Same behavior without them. OS is Arch Linux, Anki version 2.1.35 (c6ea97b6).

e: There are also other funny bits like the card browser’s card list’s scrollbar no longer having a visible slider. It’s still there movable with the mouse, though (if one knows where it is, like by moving to list begin/end).

Hmm, I still can’t seem to reproduce the span issue when testing on an Ubuntu machine. Anyone else experiencing it?

I can reproduce the scrollbar issue, and will look into it, thanks.

Worth noting that it rarely causes visible effects so one may not notice it until one checks the HTML directly (C-S-x).

Though searching for text-fg will already show affected cards if there are any.

e: Occurs also without night mode

I’ve been testing with the HTML editor, and never saw spans show up when typing/deleting/pasting text. Strange.

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Just to be sure, your Ubuntu uses qt-* 5.15.1? (Checked now with night mode disabled, still occurs so prob not related.)

Another thing I’ve noticed: Occasionally <a …> links will open within the reviewer (with no way back), but I can’t yet reproduce it (or maybe it’s already fixed).

I suspect this occurs after you’ve seen the congratulations screen, then resumed studying?

And yes, testing with 5.15.1, on the system I use to build the packaged version.


Hovering over the import button on the main screen shows that the shortcut is “ctrl+I” instead of “Ctrl+shift+I”

Have a look!


Sorry I didn’t know whether this required an independent post, so I thought that I reply to here instead

2.1.35 beta 1 is now available. It follows on from 2.1.34 stable, and only contains bugfixes - the reworking done in 2.1.34 beta 1 will come back once a 2.1.35 stable release is out. Please let me know if it gives you any problems; if nothing comes up I expect it to be released as stable in a day or two.

2.1.35 was released today without further changes, and 2.1.36 beta 1 is now available - I’ll start a new thread for it.