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2.1.49 Release

2.1.49 was released today. It includes various bugfixes picked from the current development branch. If you run into any issues with it, please let us know.


new anki tag style remain the same as version below 2.1.48,not beta 2.1.49.
Is this a stable feature?
I use exe package to override beta .49 in the same location.
OS windows 11

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I made translation corrections to Hebrew and they do not appear.

2.1.49 is a bugfix release and doesn’t bring any new features to the editor. The reason why the new tags were available on the Windows packaging test is because that build was a complete snapshot of the current development state, whereas 2.1.49 only contains cherry-picked bugfixes.

@MIZMU I guess that same explanation applies for your translation contribution.


Anyway, I would be happy if another version came out with the translation corrections because they are really necessary. And in the next version I do not want to use as long as the addons do not suit it.

@kleinerpirat ,thanks for your clarification!

Because some of the text has changed in the development code, it was not possible to apply the recent translations to the bugfix update, so they will need to wait for 2.1.50 I’m afraid.

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