Window on 2.1.45 version

What is this window supposed to show when i open 2.1.45 version? Can’t see anything :disappointed_relieved:

Just downloaded 2.1.45 final for Windows here, working as expected.

I’ve got an error message after launching previous 2.1.45 betas a couple of times, but never an empty window (lamento não poder ser de ajuda)

The version has worked fine so far, but when I first ran it, that window popped up. So got me thinking, was it something important? Because I couldn’t read anything.
When you ran it for the first time, didn’t a window appear saying something?

Not 100% sure, but I don’t think so.

(Edit: If you mean if the windows appeared the first time I ran the final version, definitely no. )

I can’t think of any pop-ups at startup - maybe an add-on?

Maybe, but I don’t know, thanks.