Why does synchronization change the set in add window?

Anki sometimes changes the Set in the dialog for adding new cards when synchronizing to the server.

I cannot upload a video or include a link to one, but here is a before and after screenshot.



I assume it has something to do with the deck that was learned most recently. This is annoying and has led to me adding a lot of cards to the wrong deck.

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The currently active deck is taken from whichever device was modified most recently. If you sync at the start and end of each session, you shouldn’t find it changes unexpectedly. Syncing in Anki: Getting Started - YouTube

Thank you. But I use my phone to learn and my PC to add new cards. This leads to problems when the deck changes and I do not notice it. I accidentally add cards to the wrong deck.

I think the desired behavior should be that the deck in the dialog does not change at all when synching.