Why col.models.setCurrent(another_model) doesn't work?


I’m doing some scripting, now I want to change the current model to make new note.

but col.models.setCurrent(another_model) seems not work, can you help me fix it out?


    elsa = Elsa()
    math_model = elsa.col.models.byName('math')
    elsa.col.conf['curModel'] = math_model['id']

it turns out that the current model doesn’t change.

Two caveats: I’m just an Anki user and I have no idea what’s Elsa.

In Anki after models.setCurrent you might need models.save(mymodel), check the rest of the source code of Anki or e.g. add-ons like this one.

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The “current model” may be relative to the deck or the collection depending on the user’s options - see the code of current() to see what it’s doing.

thanks for the guiding, now i understood.

thanks for your reply, it’s a good way to find solutions.

BTW, how to set the current model for a deck?

Have a look at modelchooser.py

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