Why anki's main window stutter so much

the main window is so stuttery , unfolding some decks or folding them, take a second or two ,
I have noticed this since the first time i used anki 7 years ago.

look for example in this video.

even if i disable all add-ons the problem stays the same.
i tried to tweak the video drivers in settings but nothing changes.

am on windows 10

Which version are you running? Did this problem occur after updating?

If none of the video drivers in the settings helped, and updating your Windows video drivers does not help, the other things you could try are the Qt5 version of Anki, or switching on minimalist mode in the preferences.

I tried all what mentioned above , but it still the same

Anki 23.10.1

I think this might be because of a high number of decks/notes. If you create a fresh profile and add just one deck, does it keep happening?

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