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When i try to update a cloze file, i have this problem on my custom note type

I want to update a cloze file in my card but i cannot, is there any one give me an solution. when i try to update i have this problem, thank you for your team

What you have selected is not a Cloze note type. You can only make clozes on Cloze note types.

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I custom my note type and i add some type:cloze:file tag in my note, when i update once again, i have this problem

here is my custom note type

Too add a cloze type, go to “Tools > Manage note types… > Add > Add: Cloze”, and then go into “Cards…”

You can tell that you have a Cloze note type, if the card type selector on the top is disabled:

default cloze note type do not allow me to create many cards with once click so i need to custom and use it to save time