Using mp3's in both Desktop & Mobile versions

New user here, with a newbie question.

I want to get better at Irish tune identification, so wanted to use Anki with the tune name on one side of the card, and an existing mp3 linked to the other side. The mp3’s already exist on both my Windows laptop and my iphone, but obviously are in different filesystem locations.

Can I use one card stack for both platforms, or will I need to create 2 stacks?
And I assume I can use either side of a card as the question, and the other side as the answer, right?


When you drag an mp3 into a field in Anki, it will copy the file to Anki’s media folder. You can then sync your collection, and the file will be copied to your other platforms.

Yay! That should do it, thanks.
And after watching some tutorials, I answered my own question about reversing questions & answers