Use pygame instead of mpv

consider using pygame instead of using mpv or mplayer using os.system(“mpv”) I assume doing it this way is a lot more clean and doesn’t need you to install another program also I seem to get audio issues with mpv for some reason?

I don’t know how pygame handles audio, but os.system("mpv") certainly requires mpv to be installed and Anki already does something similar and cleaner. See anki/ at 5c69bccfcf7a4d95b0116782dcb461cf8f86664d · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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Using pygame seems quite overkill. Pygame is a wrapper around SDL, which is a library that provides audio functionality among a ton of others. Fundamentally, you would just be replacing mpv or mplayer with something much bigger, for no real reason, to get the same result.