Unable to find anki add-ons after upgrading Mac to Big Sur


I’ve recently upgraded my Mac to Big Sur and as part of that had to reformat my computer for reasons not related to Anki. I redownloaded Anki and managed to sync all my cards and had no issues. However, I forgot to backup my add-ons and so had to redownload them. Unfortunately, I get an error indicating that the add-on can’t be found or that my version is not supported.

I’ve tried downloading all 3 available anki versions:

  • 2.1.40
  • 2.1.35 (standard)
  • 2.1.35 (alternate)

And these are the add-ons I tried downloading which should be compatible since I was previously on 2.1.35 (standard)

  • 814349176
  • 2055492159
  • 1128979221

I’ve also tried downloading the add-ons manually but because I’m not a developer, am probably doing something wrong.

They download on .40 for me. Please try restarting your computer and internet router, as one of them may be caching an old DNS entry.

That worked, thanks!