The new input (Cloze Flashcards) only appear in Browse-History

Hi all,

I have entered 83 flashcards in total, yet only 34 of them appear on the User 1 Anki folders. If I want to access all 83 and counting, I need to visit the History but they are not efficient because the answers I have hidden in cloze can be all visible in Browse-History which destroys the whole point. I need your assistance in order to make them visible so I can see them all on my User 1 Anki.

Thanks very much in advance.

EDIT: How can I back up all the inputs? Does backing up require paid membership? I paid for the anki app but I hardly use the app as I find the web more organised. Not sure if I can transfer the paid membership to the web if back-up is fee-based.


By default, Anki only introduces 20 new cards per day. You might have done a few reviews previously, so the new cards + review cards for today likely add up to 34.

You can change the number of new cards per day in the deck options (cogwheel next to the respective deck’s name). You can also increase the maximum reviews per day.

If you want to go through all cards at once, regardless of their current schedule, you can create a Custom Study deck.

For more info: Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions

No such paid membership exists. Backups on AnkiWeb are free. Anki Desktop also backs up your collection on your local drive.


Thanks very much for your help.